Who doesn’t want more energy?

Everyone wants to be more active, athletes want to perform at their peak, sport enthusiasts want more strength and endurance and urban professionals want to get or stay in shape.

Whether you are a weekend athlete or a professional, there are a few things that all athletes have in common, they can get injured.

If you are experiencing pain from an acute injury, playing a sport, being involved in an accident, or from a chronic pain condition, the experienced doctors at GreenMedChicago can help.

We have frequent success helping individuals recover from acute chronic, and disabling pain.

We treat the cause of your condition so your condition does not return. Using the latest techniques Dr. Davis will help you to have fast pain relief, increase flexibility and restored range of motion. We’ll work to stretch chronically tight muscles and strengthen weakened muscles and joints.

Chicago Sports Injury Rehab

Sports therapy and rehabilitation can be a delicate process whether the injuries occurred in a recreational or professional setting.

Sometimes when you have been ill, inactive for a long time, or injured, you may have a difficult time regaining your strength. Because your body is suffering from disuse, joints may feel stiffened and muscles weakened.

Recovery and stabilization depend on a good individualized treatment plan, tailor made for you, that manages the biomechanics of your injury.

No two people are alike, Dr. Elizabeth A. Davis provides fast and efficient healing to help you get out of pain and stay out of pain.

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