Great Chiropractor and Acupuncturist
by Mrs Alvarez at Citysearch

Dr. Davis is the best! I’ve been seeing her for approximately 15 years, and have always been happy with my treatments.

I’ve seen her for a number of different health issues, and have walked away feeling better right away. She’s conveniently located at Michigan and Wacker, and her office is cozy and impeccable. She’s a delight, always ready and willing to explain how your treatment will go, and what will be the most accurate protocol to follow. Call her right away!

Dr. Davis is outstanding.
by Bettina S. at Yelp

Dr. Davis is outstanding. A couple of years ago I started getting these terrible hives that I believed to be an allergic reaction to something I had eaten, which wouldn’t have been at all surprising. I’d visited an allergist for about 5 months, and they just kept giving me more and more antihistimines to try, which just made me more and more sleepy and irritable. Finally, I visited Dr. Davis in a last ditch effort to find some relief. She was so sympathetic to my problem, unlike the allergist who I visited who was so cold and could care less that I was itching 24 hours a day. She gave me accupuncture, and prescribed me a number of plant extracts, and 3 weeks later, I was completely healed. I would definitely recommend paying her a visit.

Elizabeth Davis is the most amazing accupuncturist EVER!
by Emily N. at Yelp

Elizabeth Davis is the most amazing accupuncturist EVER! I have used her for over 10 years (flight attendant injuries, 2 c-section reciveries, one broken thumb & more). I have sent numerous people to her over the years. All of them have experienced the same excellent services from her. She resolves everything in miraculous manners. I cannot say enough good things about her. Just trust her – – –

Dr. Davis is in one word “amazing”
by Christey J. at Yelp

Dr. Davis is in one word “amazing” she is such a talented individual, I can’t believe anyone with any aches or pains would not seek the alternative treatment she offers. So much better for you then popping pain pills or just plain chiropractic care. If anyone can get your Chi flowing its Dr. Liz. She really listens to you and will work with you on how your body reacts to acupuncture and will also suggest homeopathic remedies to help you on your way to wellness. I find that most of the time 3 sessions with her is usually all it takes if I have any flare-ups. At one point when I was very pregnant I had sciatica so bad I could hardly walk. Honestly, within 3 visits I was as good as new. Can’t say enough about her, go see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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