Will my insurance cover my visit?

We are preferred providers for most major Insurance plans and have reasonable charges for those that do not have Insurance or have high deductibles.

Visit our insurance information page for more details

How do you combine Acupuncture and Chiropractic?

It depends on each individual case, we strive for results and efficiency. We want your treatment to best complement your full recovery. Some people respond best with chiropractic care. Some people only receive acupuncture and some receive both. During each patient’s initial consultation and exam we’ll develop an individualized treatment plan that works for you, your budget, and your goals.

What is Chiropractic Medicine, is it right for me?

Chiropractic involves the science of detecting abnormal joint restrictions (subluxations). A Chiropractor can help restore proper joint motion and neurologic function through chiropractic manipulative therapy.

At GreenMedChicago, our chiropractor assess and treats many other contributing factors of your condition, including the muscles and other soft tissues, as well as your lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise, ergonomics and posture.

Since chiropractic physicians receive extensive diagnostic training, we can help you to determine if chiropractic care is a service that would likely benefit you, or if you should consult a MD or another health care provider.

How safe is Chiropractic care?

Unequivocally, Chiropractic care is one of the safest forms of health care available for the treatment of spinal conditions. Compared to the risks associated with excessive use of medication and the complications of surgery, risks associated with Chiropractic are minimal.

Are you aware that approximately 16,500 people in this country die every year from the side effects of aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)? Add another 20,000 deaths due to Tylenol.

Chiropractic has an excellent record for safety and has demonstrated to be more effective than many forms of healthcare.  Chiropractic is one of the most non-invasive and conservative forms of primary healthcare. Chiropractic health care is a safe and more natural solution for many health concerns.

What is a chiropractic adjustment, and is it safe?

A chiropractic adjustment is one of the techniques provided by your Doctor of Chiropractic.  It is useful in restoring a symmetrical and even position of your spine, which is beneficial for many reasons.

Sometimes referred to as chiropractic manipulation or spinal manipulation, it is a method of applying a specialized, gentle and controlled pressure along the spine.

Chiropractic manipulative therapy helps restore the proper motion and position of your vertebrae, that in turn, help your body function at an optimal level.

How long will I need to be treated?  How long will it take?

One of the myths you’ve probably heard about chiropractors is that once you start, you need to come back too often, this is not true. When evaluated and treated well, we expect your health concern to resolve and improve.

The amount of time required to see improvement depends on the severity and nature of your individual condition and will vary among patients.  Some patients choose to visit a chiropractor or acupuncturist only when they are in pain or injured.

At GreenMedChicago, in most cases, you can expect to feel an improvement after the first treatment. The length of time it will take to help you stabilize and move far enough in the direction of healing will depend on your condition and over all health.

Many factors affect your treatment schedule. The most common are;

  • your past medical history
  • compliance with diet, exercise and treatment plan
  • how long your condition has been present
  • job duties, lifestyle, age and pre-existing conditions
  • injury, repetitive trauma, repeated episodes and severity

Often, straight forward problems may take days to treat. Complicated cases may take weeks, even months. You will be given only the treatment you need, nothing more, and nothing less.

Will I have to have X-ray’s taken?

No, we do not refuse treatment without X-rays. However, in some instances, pictures of your spine can be useful in making an accurate diagnosis, particularly in stubborn and or difficult conditions.

After you have been evaluated and we have completed our examination process, we may recommend an X-ray or MRI to confirm our diagnosis.  Frequently, an X-ray or MRI can help us rule out a potential problem or change to your spine.

Can you help with a spinal stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is a common arthritic condition where a narrowed spinal canal pinches on a spinal nerve root.  Non-surgical care is the treatment of choice for this type of arthritis. Both chiropractors and acupuncturists have had frequent success in treating this chronic condition.  At GreenMedChicago, we have helped many individuals find pain relief from spinal stenosis.

Can you help with a pinched nerve or sciatica?

Pinched nerves are a common condition where a spinal nerve is compressed, typically by bone. Pinched nerves in the neck, upper or low back and sciatica may cause painful arm or leg symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pain or weakness.

At GrenMedChicago we have had frequent success in the treatment of pinched nerves and sciatica. The combination of chiropractic manipulative therapy and acupuncture provide safe and effective pain relief from a pinched nerve and sciatica.

What is Acupuncture?

A traditional Chinese medicine therapy, acupuncture involves the placement of extremely fine needles into specific therapeutic points throughout the body. The treatment facilitates the body’s natural flow of energy to improve normal function and promote healing.

Is Acupuncture painful?

When an acupuncture needle is inserted correctly you may feel, at most, a very minimal sensation as it passes through the skin It is nothing like getting an injection and feels more like a bug bite.

Most patients report that they find their acupuncture treatments are a relaxing experience. When individuals try acupuncture for the first time, they are typically surprised that it doesn’t hurt. The needles are small and thin, they are not like the needles used for injections which are hollow and wide to allow for the transmission of medicine or the withdrawal of body fluids.

Most people associate needles with getting an injection or having blood drawn which is generally painful. Most patients are usually pleasantly surprised that the insertion of the ultra-thin acupuncture needles are virtually painless. Understandably, sensitivity may differ among individuals, but for most it is rare to complain of any significant discomfort.

Will my problem return if I stop my acupuncture treatments?

It depends on what health problem you are being treated for. There are certain types of chronic degenerative conditions that may return without occasional maintenance treatments.

Problems that are aggravated over time, due to lack of exercise, poor diet, excessive stress, or inflammation can resurface. Once your problem is resolved, occasional maintenance treatments may be recommended  and are spaced out according to each person’s unique and individual needs.

Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy?

When properly performed by a board licensed and experienced practitioner, acupuncture is a safe treatment option during pregnancy, and many women find that acupuncture can manage a number of physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that take place during this time.

How long is the typical visit?

Usually 30 to 60 minutes

What is the difference between herbal medicine and homeopathy?

A good way of distinguishing herbal medicine from homeopathy (homeopathic medicine) is in the way homeopathic remedies are selected for each patient and the method in which homeopathic remedies are made.

The process of choosing homeopathic remedies is highly individualized and takes into account a whole picture of each patient, including past and present symptoms.

Homeopathy is prepared using a very unique process by which each remedy is highly diluted. Not all homeopathic remedies are made from plants.

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